PhD Dissertation Titles

“Bottom-up Dynamic Demand Modelling and Distributed Energy Resources Investment in Communities" Farbod Farzan, Graduated in October 2016.

“A Network Modelling Approach to Energy Efficiency Optimization in Industrial Systems”, Niloofar Salahi, Graduated in May 2016.

” Data driven decision making tool for sustainable communities”, Kaveh Gharieh, Graduated in October 2015

 “Sustainable Transportation Energy Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Vehicles”, Muhammad Dayhim, Graduated in October 2015.

 “Managing Demand Uncertainty with Cost-for-Deviation Retail Pricing," Jianmin Zhu, Graduated in May 2015.

" Energy Consumption Forecast and Model Predictive Control of Building Complexes," Seyed A. Vaghefi, Graduated in May 2015.

“Towards Optimal Control, Investment and Utilization for Energy Energy Storage Under Uncertainity,” Niloufar S. Mirhosseini, Graduated in 2013.

“Towards Value-Based Closed Loop Dynamical System Approach to Asset Management,” Ali Rezvani, Graduated in 2012.

“Towards Uncertainty in Micro-grids: Planning, Control and Investment”, Farnaz Farzan, Graduated in 2012.