Past Graduates

Thesis: Sustainable Transportation Energy Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Thesis: Data driven decision making tool for sustainable communities
Thesis: Bottom-up Dynamic Demand Modelling and Distributed Energy Resources Investment in Communities
Thesis: Towards Uncertainty in Micro-grids: Planning, Control and Investment
Thesis: Managing Demand Uncertainty with Cost-for-Deviation retail Pricing
Thesis: Towards Value-Based Closed Loop Dynamical System Approach to Asset Management
Thesis: Towards Optimal Control, Investment and Utilization for Energy Storage Under Uncertainty
Thesis: A Network Modelling Approach to Energy Efficiency Optimization in Industrial Systems
Thesis: Energy Consumption Forecast and Model Predictive Control of Building Complexes
Thesis: Multi-Objective Stochastic Models for Electricity Generation Expansion Planning Problems Considering Risk
Thesis: System Reliability Estimation and Component Replacement Analysis for Electricity Transmission and Distribution Systems
Thesis: Multi-Objective Generation Expansion Planning Considering Uncertainty and Modeling with the Pareto Uncertainty Index
Thesis: Simulation-based Optimization Models for Electricity Generation Expansion Planning Problems Considering Human Health Externalities
Thesis: Control for Performance and Energy Efficiency with Applications in Smart Buildings and Communities
Thesis: A Distributed Network-Aware Control Framework with Applications in Energy Storage Networks and Smart Vehicles
Thesis: Joint Optimization of System Hardening and Restoration for Resilience Enhancement Against Cascading Failures
Thesis: Microgrid Expansion Planning Using Simulation-Based Optimization and Reinforcement Learning