LESS Research Areas

Demand Side Management (DSM)

DSM research at LESS focuses on developing analytics that allow end-users to take advantage of dynamic pricing and energy efficiency measures in order to reduce their energy loads and costs. Research topics in DSM include:

Buildings and built-environment  (hyperlink to papers)

Integrating physics-based and statistical forecast models and using these models in energy management and control, reliability, and predictive maintenance of energy assets.

Energy-Plus building simulations and integration with optimization analytics.

Bottom-up modeling of buildings and communities and combining those with load forecast models in investments on energy efficiency practices, advanced controls, distributed energy resources, etc.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

DER technology brings renewables, natural gas-fired generation, combined heat and power (CHP) and energy storage to communities, thus avoiding expensive investments in new transmission and distribution capacities. DSM and DER combined provide the means of deferring infrastructure investment while delivering reliable and quality energy to communities and industry. The combined technology also allows for additional capacity localized to where it is needed the most with capital and maintenance costs that are significantly lower.